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November 07, 2019


The duo shared information from a Brookfield report called “Turn and Face the Strange,” which looks at trends that will change the world of employment in the future.

The report found 600 signals for change, which equated to 100 possible trends.

At the summit they spoke about 13 trends which they see as looming on the horizon.

  1. Creative AI: Movies have been created by AI and art work, perhaps creative services will become more accessible to all in the future.
  2. Working Retirement: As people live longer and need more money seniors will keep working, maybe even up to 80 years old.
  3. Humans, Augmented: Companies are starting to develop brain enhancements that will be used to connect our brains to our smart phones.
  4. Connected but lonely: 50% of Canadian people under the age of 45 will have a mental health issue in their lifetime. Studies show that 16-24 year olds are increasingly lonely. In the future we may need more people trained for mental health support.
  5. Digital Detox: The effect that social media addiction has on the brain is similar to that of an addiction to alcohol and drugs. There is an increasing demand for “detox tourism”. In France employees have the legal right to disconnect from digital work after work hours.
  6. Alternative Energy: We are about 14 years away from using solar energy as a prime source of energy. Scientists are developing other sources as well.
  7. Entrepreneurial Spirit: This year 50% of the Canadian workforce will make up this group. Younger people are interested in this, especially Gen Z. There is also a mind shift with people starting to demand a four day work week and to not have to work on weekends. We’ll have to figure out how precarious workers who have no health benefits will be supported.
  8. Climate Refugees: In the future Canada might take millions of people who are fleeing their countries due to climate change. New Zealand is using the category of climate refugee to allow people into the country.
  9. Personal Data Ownership: There is a company in Toronto called Delphia that is studying how to compensate users for their data.
  10. Rebalancing Gender Equality: People are starting to challenge the way things are with the #metoo movement. Regarding employment Canada’s gender index hasn’t improved. Women make 75 cents for every $1 a man makes; women of colour make even less.
  11. Lifelong Learning: More people are looking at micro-credentials and there is a shift in how we look at post-secondary education. Some employers don’t require a degree.
  12. Suburban Boom: More people are moving to the suburbs because they can’t afford to live in major cities.
  13. Mandatory Creativity: The future is connected to creativity, employers want creative people. There are “creativity gyms” for white collar workers so people can learn to be more creative.

Click here for more information about the report’s findings

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