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April 2024

In April 2024, the working-age population for the Hamilton CMA grew by an incremental 0.2% to 695,700. In tandem with the population increase, the labour force grew by 0.9% to 454,500. Out of those in the labour force, employment among the population increased by 0.7% to 424,500 employed persons. Following a stagnation in the unemployment rate for the CMA, unemployment increased last month by 4.2% to 30,100 unemployed persons and an unemployment rate of 6.6%. Minor gains were seen for the employment rate as it increased by 0.3% to 61%. Participation among individuals also grew as unemployment increased, by 0.4% to 65.3%.


Unemployment among Women in the Hamilton CMA generally declined in April 2024. Based on the different age groups, youths (those aged 15 to 24 years old) had the highest unemployment rate, at 13.8%. Despite the high unemployment rate, youth unemployment declined from March to April by 1.7%. Core-working age women (25-54) had a low unemployment rate of 3.8%; persons in this age group are more likely to be actively engaged in the labour market through employment. Similarly, Women aged 55 and older had an unemployment rate of 4.6% in April.

Labour Force

Looking at the labour force based on age groups for Women in the Hamilton CMA, core-working age women had the highest employment, with 136,000 employed persons. While youths had a higher unemployed population in comparison to their total population. Looking at the other half of the population, Women that were not in employment, seeking employment, or generally were not in the labour force made up 38% of the population. From this, female youths had the highest proportion (41%).


Based on annual data for Ontario, more women in 2023 entered the Skilled Trades sector. Ontario’s Agriculture sector saw an employment increase of 20% for Women, followed by 18% for Utilities; and 17% for the Construction Sector. On the other hand, employment among Women in Forestry, Fishing, Mining, Quarrying, Oil and Gas declined in 2023 by 21%, followed by employment in Retail and Wholesale Trade by 6%; and 3% in Educational Services as shortages in the ECE sector persist.


Based on April’s Job Board, Hamilton-based employers were mainly hiring for Service-facing occupations. With Retail Salesperson being the most in-demand, at 287 job postings. This was followed by Registered Nurses (220), Cooks, Retail/Wholesale Managers (164), and Administrative Assistants (147). In 2023, Women made up 53% of the Services-producing sector in Ontario, while only representing 24% of the Goods-producing sector.

Mothers Day in Hamilton

This year, Mothers Day falls on May 12th. Mother’s Day is a special day to show appreciation for all the hard-working, selfless, and nurturing mothers.

Did you know? There were 323.7 million cut flowers produced in Canadian greenhouses in 2023. Happy Mother’s Day!

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